One of the main questions we get from drivers pertains to the method of financing they choose. Should I lease, or should I purchase? This question is often asked because not many folks know about the benefits of leasing. Buying a car, for many reasons, is the default option. However, if you are looking for the best investment opportunity leasing may be a consideration.

So what is the best investment option? Leasing or buying?

First and foremost, buying has its benefits. With buying, you own the vehicle. Moreover, you control how often you drive and service your car – there are no parameters. However, buying a car also involves taking out an automotive loan. As such, your monthly payments will be based on how much the loan is and the length of its lifespan. It also depends on how big your down payment is.

On the flip side, leasing can often be more affordable. Since leasing is based on a fixed monthly price, it’s often not as expensive on a monthly basis. Plus, the down payment is usually not as large as it would be if you were buying the car. However, leasing comes with mileage parameters. You are also expected to keep it in good condition.

In the end, leasing or buying is up to you. Either can be a good investment. It all depends on your driving habits, your budget, and your personal needs.

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